e5 in its purest term references the collective Group of friends who have adopted the name of the e5 group.

We consist of like-minded folk ranging from, electricians, clients, electrical engineers, consultants, electrical contractors who regularly see the trade devalued and the term electricians devalued and on a downward spiral.

We are duty-bound via social media (Instagram. LinkedIn) to raise the profile of the trade, its good and bad points, we all learn from mistakes made and so showing bad will teach others indirectly.

We will support and assist each other for no personal gain other than it being the ethical thing to do!

We wish to exchange and impart knowledge, research, and technical information to the enhancement of knowledge & competence within the trade.

We wish to bridge any gaps in knowledge or support and help needed which may have been missed or not covered by trade organisations.

We are fully inclusive to any all, trade or discipline or sector.

We are NOT a membership organsiation.

We have a pay it forward mentality not one of slander (as much as some sparks find it difficult).

Above all, we will insist that anyone who professes the values laid out by the e5 founder members operate in an ethical manner at all times.

The logo and use of the e5 image are trademarked by Paul Meenan.

e5 is trying to improve the industry by supporting and educating each other and individuals who want our support.

e5 principles are to:






and where we do in our daily lives and day jobs to earn money in an ethical manner only.

e5 is not a paid group, we are volunteers. We are though Independent of any industry body as a collective.

Where do we come from?

The engineering council statement of ethical principles can apply to all trades and most certainly applies to any and all professionally registered engineers!

We know society’s behaviors to be outwardly lacking. Continuous Improvement of ourselves and others at no profit is our driving mantra!

We are not affiliated with the engineering council, but do consist of professionally registered engineers on the UK role of registered engineers held by the engineering council.

e5 group is not affiliated with the engineering council or any other body or institute.

We wholly respect the work of all bodies, trade associations, and charities and seek only to support upward improvement.

The views of the individuals within the group are their private and personal opinions.

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